ADHD Coaching

How can I help you with ADHD?

·      Personalised one-to-one coaching: I provide a safe non-judgemental space for individuals to explore their ADHD related concerns and develop strategies to help manage their ADHD. 

·      Goal setting and action steps: We will work collaboratively to identify personal and professional goals and then break those goals down into achievable action steps for you.

·      Organisation and time management skills: I offer effective, practical techniques to help with creating routines, prioritising tasks, increasing productivity and reducing stress.

·      Emotional dysregulation and RSD: This can be one of the most difficult and often devastating traits of ADHD. Coaching can help clients in identifying triggers and implementing coping mechanisms therefore reducing stress and frustration. Coaching also helps to develop skills such as self-awareness, self-advocacy and emotional resilience.

·      Family Support: I also coach parents and family members of individuals with ADHD, to help them understand how to support their loved ones and how to improve communication skills within their home environment.

·      Support whilst studying : Sadly it is a fact that a huge amount of ADHD students drop out of their educational studies due to feeling overwhelmed by the education system. I can help students with techniques to overcome procrastination and improve their ability to focus and reach deadlines.

·      Support whilst undergoing diagnosis: I do not personally diagnose clients with ADHD. However, I know from my own personal experiences how daunting and frustrating the whole process can be. It can be invaluable to have someone work through this process with you and someone who hold you accountable to seeing the process through (even when you want to throw the towel in!)

I use psychologically informed, evidence based coaching methodologies which I adapt for each client’s specific needs.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” By C.S.Lewis